My child doesn’t listen… What should I do?

Counselors commonly get requests from parents to assist with behavior concerns. Unfortunately, these request typically come when parents are at their wits end, and rely on counseling as a last resort. A proactive approach is more effective, but that’s another article for […]

Alleviating Infertility Woes

Devastating mental health consequences sometimes unfold due to unfortunate circumstances. Combined with limited coping skills, life can quickly spiral out of control if proper help is not received. Infertility, defined as a failure to conceive naturally after 12 months of repeated, and […]

Why do I always second-guess myself?

Rose was ecstatic as she signed one final time, and officially purchased her first home. She could not wait to move out of her apartment, where she lived for the past four years, saving to become a homeowner. Rose couldn’t move into […]

What’s holding you back? Pt. 4 (The final part)

#3 Fear: A good reason to go to counseling, is often a good reason why one’s not in counseling. Numerous concerns are offered in articles that result in avoiding professional help. Commonly, fear is associated with the mental health stigma, and what […]

What’s holding you back? Pt. 3

#2 Environmental constraints/Practical Barriers A. Affordability: It’s common to put health on the back burner when other bills simply seem more important. However, many clients quickly find that it becomes easier to make ends meet when they are healthy, and thinking more […]

What’s holding you back? Pt. 2

There was no shortage of opinions from counselors. I read through several blogs, and identified commonalities. I’ve selected a few to elaborate on, and will provide related information to help you know what to expect if you are considering services with Lift […]

What’s holding you back from getting help? Pt. 1

As a counselor, I spend a lot of time thinking about ways I could improve interventions, and better help clients. However, with starting a new counseling practice, a bigger dilemma crossed my mind: “Why do many people fail to get help in […]