More Volunteer Fun

We’re staying busy, and we like it that way. On 9/6/17, we helped out with another Full Moon Bike Ride and Run benefiting the Myriad Gardens. It was a great night with the feeling of fall in the air. The leaves are slowing starting to change colors, and it soon the Myriad Gardens will look like an entirely different place. I’m sure photographers are getting excited, and maybe at the next Full Mood event on 10/5/17, I’ll snap a few pictures.

The event brings a large turnout to downtown, and I was surprised to see the individuals visiting OKC, who decided to take part while they were in town. In case you didn’t know, there are bicycles downtown that can be rented, and the price is reduced for use in the Full Moon events. Thus, not having a bike is no excuse for missing out on the fun.

Shout-out to the OKC Police Bike Patrol Unit for taking part in the event, and ensuring a safe event for the participants.


Jackie and I will most likely be at the registration booth next event, so we look forward to seeing you.


Dustin Choate, LPC

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