Cookies & Cocktails

Continuing the saga of serving the community

Volunteering for the Girl Scouts of Western OK at their annual fundraiser Cookies and Cocktails on Aug 17, 2017

The Girl Scouts know how to throw a party! It was the first time Jackie, and I have attended the Cookies & Cocktails event, and we were thoroughly impressed. We discovered the event through the United Way, and thought it would be fun to volunteer. The event was held at the OK Science Museum, an amazing place I hope to visit again soon. I would also encourage other groups to host events there, and here are three reason why: 1) Convenience and parking 2) Unique, and creative event space 3) You’ll be supporting experiential scientific education.

For those who don’t know, Cookies & Cocktails is a fundraising event featuring local restaurants (I won’t mention any names because I wouldn’t want to accidentally miss anyone, but the restaurants who participated were some of the best in OKC) who create dishes incorporating girl scout cookies (yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds). Participants of the event are able to sample the different dishes, and vote for their favorites. Moreover, thanks to donations from generous individuals and businesses, participants can enter raffles to win great prizes. Prizes included a diamond necklace, tickets to various local and out of town attractions, gift cards and gift packages for various businesses, an autographed shoe from a Thunder player, wine, a gift basket made by Jackie, and much more. Did I mention a gift basket made by Jackie? She created a beautiful basket filled with delicious treats.  Hopefully, the woman who won it will enjoy it.

As volunteers, our duties were simple and could hardly be considered work. Jackie, and I walked around making sure the event stayed clean, taking peoples cups, plates, and other trash from their tables. We also emptied trash bins, and assisted restaurant volunteers.

I’ve mentioned previously, and will say it again, volunteering is always more fun than work. The best part of the experience for me was watching Jackie’s mood transform while at the event. She had a stressful work day, and was hardly in the mood for going out. However, after a few minutes at the event, she realized how much she really needed the night out. Research shows that prosocial behavior improves our own mental wellness. Thus, if you’re feeling down, find a way to help others, and look for opportunities to volunteer in the community. It helps you feel better, and it helps organizations supporting our communities.


Dustin Choate, LPC

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