Social responsibility and community engagement

When formulating our corporate vision, Jackie, and I determined it was important to center the company around community involvement. We want to share our success with the community that makes it possible. As a result, we decided to look for regular opportunities to volunteer with outside organizations. We look forward to connecting with others who take pride in helping, supporting, and encouraging community engagement.

As a company focused primarily on mental health and addiction services, we constantly recognize the hardships faced by many individuals and groups of individuals within our community.  We take pride in making the highest quality services available, and we will always be committed to quality over quantity. Additionally, we feel privileged to consistently offer pro bono services, and hope to continuously expand the number of pro bono services we are capable of delivering. We feel strongly that companies should invest in their communities, and place an enormous emphasis on social responsibility. In such, we plan to not only be the community leader in counseling services, but also a leader in social responsibility.

Lastly, we wish to encourage individuals and companies to support local organizations who improve our community. There are numerous organizations offering a wide variety of services, and helping causes such as environmental preservation, human rights, animal welfare, etc. Even if you are not able to make a monetary donation, investing a small amount of time can have a huge impact. Please, volunteer and invest in our community. We hope to see you soon.

Dustin Choate, LPC

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