What’s holding you back? Pt. 3

#2 Environmental constraints/Practical Barriers

A. Affordability: It’s common to put health on the back burner when other bills simply seem more important. However, many clients quickly find that it becomes easier to make ends meet when they are healthy, and thinking more clearly. Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemies, especially when thinking errors are holding us back. At Lift PC we see counseling as an investment, and will work with every client to make counseling services a possibility. We can help with insurance claims, or even make referrals when necessary.

B. Accessibility: This appears to be the biggest hindrance for individuals living in rural areas. Often, individuals in low population areas are left with few options for services. Honestly, I don’t have any grand helpful advice, but I would like to mention that Lift PC offers some specialized service offerings that might be helpful, or one might try video conference sessions (Lift PC does not offer any video sessions currently). On the other hand, it was important for me to put Lift PC in the heart of downtown OKC. I recognized that it needed to be close to work to make sessions convenient. In addition, we can arrange transportation for clients.

C. Availability: I think it’s safe to say that most counselors do not work a 9-5 M-F schedule. Although, it can difficulty to get a session at the time that works best for you. Many individuals indicate they simply do not have the time to devote to counseling. Conversely, most clients consider themselves to have more time available thanks to counseling. Often, it’s our problems that are stealing our time. Nonetheless, it’s a busy world, which is why Lift PC is located close enough to schedule a session on your lunch break, or check on our evening and weekend schedule.


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