What’s holding you back? Pt. 2

There was no shortage of opinions from counselors. I read through several blogs, and identified commonalities. I’ve selected a few to elaborate on, and will provide related information to help you know what to expect if you are considering services with Lift Professional Counseling.
#1 Counseling is for crazies: Reiterated over and over, the thought that one must be crazy to see a counselor. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, many people choose to participate in counseling sessions who have no diagnosable problems. A prime example with Lift PC is the focus on career professionals who may experience a lot of work related stress, and need a confidential avenue to problem solve, and improve relaxation skills.
It is certainly true that many people struggle with illnesses treated through counseling interventions, but as Godbout (https://gustavus.edu/counseling/top10.php) describes, many others are simply stuck. She notes that individuals often try strategies to help their situations, and if the problems persist, make a mature decision to seek help in identifying new solutions. I consider this no different than making a decision to see an accountant to assist with taxes and financial guidance, or utilizing a board of directors rather than relying on one person to have all the answers.

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